Why choose LB3?

Our mission, to excel in our field to make yours a success

Why do business with us?

LB3 Technology is an IT management company that through its expertise offers an efficient and committed service to allow you to excel in your field. Working in the field for 25 years, we assure you a professional and personalized service to your needs.

Why take action with LB3?

A trusted team, expert and passionate in their field for effective and intelligent strategies.

Attentive and personalized service

No robot, only real humans. Our team is made up only of experienced and competent people who have your success at heart. We make it our duty to answer you in a detailed, courteous, and prompt way to make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Honest and Accommodating Policies

In order to serve you well, our established terms and conditions are flexible, fair, and unsurprising. We will always advise you towards the technology best suited to your needs and budget.

Front-End Security

We are on the lookout for IT security standards, and we make sure to always stay up to date. Our services will be adapted to your own requirements whether for partial or full application. We perform daily checks for all your devices to always ensure your protection.

Clear and Effective Communication

It is essential for us that you get clear answers, in simple language without computer jargon so that you understand what we do. It is important to us that you feel confident.

Service 24/24, 7/7

Ultra-fast service! As soon as a problem is reported to us through our software or from you, whether during the day, evening, week or weekend, our team acts quickly to minimize the impact on your team.

Are we compatible?

Who are our services for?

Small and medium-sized enterprises

It doesn’t matter what your industry is.

Growing company

We have the experience and ability to serve high-growth companies. We will ensure that your team’s productivity follows your growth.

Foreign affiliates

Whether your subsidiaries are in Canada, the United States or Europe, we will be able to manage the issues as if we were there.

Who are our services not for?

Home offices and small offices

Having been in a home office ourselves for several years, we have a lot of respect for small offices, but our services are more efficient and profitable to teams of more than 10 users.

Businesses with sporadic needs

Our team offers permanent and long-term solutions.  Hourly on-demand services are not offered without a permanent IT management agreement.

Our Mission

Excel in our field to make your mission a success.

LB3 Technologies is a provider of IT and technological solutions leading providers of strategic and tactical services to businesses.

We are passionate about solving our clients’ goals and challenges. We believe that the integration of technology solutions and services maximizes business productivity. We act with a sense of urgency and responsibility towards our employees and partners.

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