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Safeguard your companies greatest assets

Your network is continuously changing and growing. Network protection analysis and management is essential to ensuring top performance and stability. At LB3 Technology, we want to be your trusted source for all your network needs.

The fundamental objective of an IT security audit is to uncover potential risk areas before they become active problems. The irreplaceable assistance of this IT infrastructure assessment offers many rewards. It can help limit the cost of business interruption, rebuilding or repairing systems and applications, and the loss of business assets in the event of a digital disaster. LB3 Technologies will perform a network appraisal at no charge!

What Is The Value Of Your Network?

While every physical asset in your company has an associated cost on your balance sheet, you may be hard-pressed to assign a value to your computer network. For proficiency and security, you need LB3 Technology on your side.

Network Assessment Check-List:

  • Document Network Security Policies
  • Full network security scan
  • Document Security service pack deficiencies on the network
  • Identify installed applications with known security issues
  • Review IP communications setup – DNS – DHCP
  • Review Anti-Virus solutions setup & configuration (Document confirmed infections)
  • Disaster Recovery assessment of the existing server hardware configuration
  • Document performance deficiencies caused by drive fragmentation and low RAM resources
  • Analyze Event Logs for reported system failures and their source
  • Perform a System Registry scan and document on broken registry links
  • Performance benchmark testing on network communications
  • Review physical cabling infrastructure and it’s compliance to communication codes
  • Confirmation of verifiable backup solution
  • Test SMART UPS communications and configuration

Please Note: The network assessment process is for the sole purpose of the documentation of current network configurations and at no time are changes made to the network servers or workstations.


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